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My name is Neil Relph. Welcome to Olive Wood Turning.

The first thing that hits you when you start turning olive wood is the smell, it's just fantastic.  We've tried fresh cut, part seasoned and fully seasoned. All these have their good and bad points but I've found that turning part seasoned works for me the best. Whilst not being dripping wet it's still malleable enough to get a good shape out of before sealing and putting it on the shelf for a few months ready to final turn and polish. Our experience of the sales of olivewood pieces at craft and trade fairs are always good. Customers cannot resist the smell and feel of the wonderful wood.    

It's always an absolute joy to final turn and polish olive wood projects, the golden grain sparkles, it's very difficult to find a poor looking piece. It's also possible to turn larger projects, but to find fully seasoned large pieces of olive wood are both rare and usually very expensive. We supply very nice part seasoned wood imported from southern Italy, in useable sizes at reasonable prices for those who want to unlock the delights of olive wood.

The sizes on the products page are what I have in stock but I can supply other sizes, so if you don't see what you need, please get in touch. We turn this wood as well as supplying it. Having been to Italy and Greece to visit wood yards, in my opinion my product is the best on the market (but then it would be). Give it a try for yourself I'm sure you'll not be disappointed. 

One of the tricks with this wood is to make sure you keep your chisels sharp, this will always yield the best results. Have fun !

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